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Andrea Espinoza

The state Answers to “What is Advocare?” and “Does Advocare Work?”

Jul 20th 2013, 10:16 am
Advocare and it is products happen to be creating quite a buzz between celebrities and sports figures lately, however, you may be asking yourself, what's Advocare and do you use it? Advocare is a multi-level marketing company that sells health, nutrition, and beauty products. While one can certainly question the potency of Advocare’s diverse line of natural products touted to detoxify, energize, and revitalize, the company is doubtlessly expanding
The Advocare Company was founded in Plano, Texas in 1993 by Charles Ragus who had been a former Herbalife distributor. After Ragus’ death in 2001 the flag was passed to Richard Wright who became the president and CEO and who continues to run the Advocare Company based on the founder’s vision. It currently has over 225,000 distributors throughout the country that work to sell its products and also the company has every reason to think their team of distributors will continue its swift growth.
Yet another Shake Company? What exactly are They Selling Anyway?
Advocare sells a range of health and beauty products that are broken down into five separate categories. The very first category is Trim with a variety of weight loss products, including the popular 24-day Advocare Challenge product kit. This 24-day weight loss program begins with the Advocare cleanse and, according to Advocare, might help people lose an average of 10 pounds and 10 inches inside the first 24 days.
The second category is Active and includes items that aid in increasing a person’s levels of energy during the day. These include the much talked about “Spark” that is supposed to take the place of less healthy energy drinks.
The 3rd category includes various kinds of nutritional vitamin supplements and it is referred to as the Well category.
Fourth on the list are the Performance Elite items that are aimed at athletes and also have caught the interest of many professional athletes around the world. Athletes serving as spokespersons for Advocare claim that these products improve recovery some time and results.
The fifth and final category of products is the Definite Difference line which focuses on skincare.

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Advocare Product Review: Why must I Believe Advocare’s Products Work?
Advocare has been available on the market for more the Two decades and it is goods are getting used by thousands of customers across the nation. And surprisingly, most of the customer reviews available on the market are very positive.
This can be because Advocare has consistently hired a group of experts in the field of overall health to develop their goods, including nutritionists, fellows from the American College of Surgery, M.D.s, pharmacists, biologists, and kinesiologists. This team of scientists is constantly testing the products for safety and efficiency.
The organization is also continuously checking to ensure that its products do not include any substances that are banned within the sports industry. This helps to ensure that all of its goods are safe to use by both professional and amateur athletes.

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It ought to be noted, however, that Advocare does not promise magic. They explain that everyone’s results will change and the man cannot guarantee any specific results. Also, he notes that all Advocare goods are designed to be used plus a regular nutritious diet and that exactly what a individual is consuming will greatly affect their results. He notes that not eating, eating poorly, or overeating can all negatively impact Advocare Challenge outcomes. They also explain the importance of pairing the Advocare system, or any diet regime, having a regular exercise routine.

Similarly, the Coolbaughs, a couple that sells Advocare, insist that Advocare does not sell a diet regime but supplements intended to help consumers live fitness long-term. In short, those seeking to take a product and slim down with no personal effort ought to keep looking, because Advocare is likely not on their behalf.

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